Smart Lighting and Motorized Shade Solutions

Lighting Control and Motorized Shades at home serves many purposes. Ambiance can be set with the simple push of a button or voice command. Effortlessly prep a room for watching a movie, lower the shades for privacy or to keep a room cool in the middle of the day, dimly light a stairwell for a safe late-night walk downstairs, or turn off all the lighting and close the shades on your way to out the door or to sleep for the night.

Lighting Solutions

The simplicity and elegant lighting of your home is always in the forefront of a great design. Gone are the days of banks of lighting switches on the wall. An engraved backlit custom programmed keypad can turn on multiple lights, set to specific levels, is sure to create a statement. Lighting art, color changing walls, or even going from a bright task driven lighting scene while preparing dinner to a soft dim scene while relaxing on the lanai at the end of the day is easily accomplished with intuitive thoughtful system design from CITE Solutions.

Shading Solutions

Shade and Drapery solutions in Florida are both function and form. When automating shades or drapery, you will lower your utility bills and increase the home’s value while adding security and privacy. Stylish control and fabric options coupled with innovative technology can elegantly transition any space to create the proper environment and aesthetic. 

Automated Shades and Drapery add beauty, convenience, comfort, and a personal touch throughout your home.