Audio/Video Solutions

Your CITE Solutions customized audio & video solution for your home entertainment system will be well planned, carefully designed, and installed to create an enjoyable movie watching and listening experience. We accurately measure speaker placements combined with other techniques to optimize room acoustics create a sound experience. A properly configured projection system or a giant fixed panel television will have you jumping out of your comfy home theatre seats.

Outdoor Spaces

Floridian’s love living-in and entertaining in their outdoor spaces. Your custom audio/video solution from CITE Solutions can extend to these spaces. Music, video, and lighting controls can be installed to enhance outdoor living. Ask us about television and other equipment that can withstand a storm as well as the sun and even the saltwater air. Special water-resistant televisions or outdoor projection screens are available that minimize glare for comfortable viewing, even on a bright day. We can also provide you with beautiful landscape lighting and design to really make your outdoor space extraordinary!

Music and Movies

Today’s multimedia options for the home are exciting for both audiophiles and (videophiles) movie buffs alike. These options are growing every day. Video sourced from streaming services, Blu-Ray players, gaming systems, satellite, or your local cable provider can be shared across multiple televisions. Both new and classic audio solutions can live side by side from computer-based systems to old school analog turntables and tube electronics. Achieve the sound precision you expect with the right mix of equipment including amps, preamps, receivers and speakers.