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Automatic window blinds are one of our favorite smart solutions, but many homeowners have questions about how they work to simplify life. As your local smart solutions dealer in the Naples, FL, area, let us help you understand automatic blinds better by providing answers to some common questions.

If you’re considering automatic window blinds, continue reading for helpful information about these innovative home products.

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Q: How will automatic window blinds simplify my life?

A: As a unique piece of the smart solutions family, you will be amazed by how much simplicity automatic window blinds can add to your day. Consider this: how often do you open or close window coverings in your home throughout the day or evening? Maybe there’s a chair you like to sit in, but the sun’s glare always seems to stream there, or you want to peek outside to see who just pulled up in the driveway – there are so many reasons one may open and close their blinds throughout the day. Or, consider where in your home the window coverings are too high to reach. Would you like to have the option to open those from time to time? Automatic window blinds work with most smart home control systems, such as Lutron or Crestron, to make opening and closing the curtains as simple as pressing a button. 

Q: How do automatic window blinds protect my things from sun damage?

A: We all love the warmth of the sunshine, but the unfortunate reality is that prolonged exposure to the sun can cause long-term and lasting damage to items in your home, including flooring, furniture, and other furnishings. But, you can program automatic window blinds to adjust their angle throughout the day, ensuring no one area of your home receives sun exposure for too long and protecting your belongings from untimely fading and damage.

Q. How do automatic window blinds save homeowners money?

A: You can take advantage of the insulating properties of automatic window blinds to lower your healing and cooling bills. Program your blinds to protect from the sun’s heat in the summer, and insulate your home from the chilly outdoors in the winter to reap the benefits of lower energy bills and support your HVAC system during high-stress times.

Q: How do automatic window blinds improve home security?

A: Automatic window blinds are fully programmable, so you can schedule them to open and close throughout the day – even when you are not home. You can also operate the blinds remotely through an app, providing peace of mind that your blinds are closed when you are not home.

Q: How can I customize window blinds to match my decor? 

A: Rest easy knowing that motorized blinds will be a perfect complement to your interior design. You’ll be able to choose from a wide range of Lutron fabrics and color-match them to match your home’s palectte. Lutron even lets you integrate your own choice of fabrics with their motors so you’ll be able to keep your unique style with an added comfort and convenience. 

If you’d like to learn about automatic window blind options available in the Naples, FL, area, please get in touch with our team at CITE Solutions for more information.