Elevate Your Everyday Home Life With Seamless Integration

You worked hard to create the home of your dreams. Now, make your home work for you! Smart home automation simplifies your lifestyle by making it easier to control all the systems in your home. Stop searching the house for the different controllers or switching from app to app to manage all of your Bonita Bay, FL, home’s technology. With a platform like Control4, Creston, or Josh.AI, you can easily manage your entire home! Keep reading to learn more.

All Systems, One Device

Smart technology makes it easier to manage your home through solutions like motorized shades, smart lighting, and security systems. However, the more smart home tech you install into your home, the more controllers or apps you need to manage them all.

That’s why all smart homes need a smart home automation system! Home automation takes all of those technologies and integrates them into one platform. That means you can control every smart home device in your home through one dashboard. So whether that’s a dedicated touchscreen device or an app on your phone, your entire home is at your fingertips.

You can open your shades, turn on your lights, and lock your front door, all within seconds from the same dashboard. Plus, you can manage your home remotely! Just download the app on your phone, and you’ll be able to access your smart home technology from the office, a friend’s house, a hotel, or anywhere you go!

Hands-Free Control

Sometimes you need to turn on the lights or lock your door while your hands are full. Voice control allows you to manage your home even when you can’t reach your touchscreen device or phone. Many home automation systems can integrate with a voice assistant for greater ease of use, but Josh.AI has the best voice-driven home automation system. You can speak to Josh.AI like you were speaking to a friend, and it’ll adjust your home to how you want. You don’t need to remember exact commands and can trigger multiple technologies at once. 

Continued Professional Maintenance

Working with a professional for home automation is a must. Not only do smart home automation integrators have access to premium platforms like Control4, Crestron, and Josh.AI, but they can also provide continued service after the installation.

For example, CITE Solutions offers numerous maintenance plans to our customers to provide service to all systems so they continue to run smoothly. In addition, we’ll repair any damaged or disconnected device and provide preventative measures like system and security upgrades. Our remote management solutions let you isolate and resolve issues before you even notice them. 


Are you ready to automate your Bonita Bay, FL, home? Contact CITE Solutions today! We’ll help you identify the right smart home automation platform for you, integrate all your technologies, and provide stellar service long after the installation is complete.