Create a Space for Friends and Family Gatherings, Relaxation, and Outdoor Dining

We’re fortunate to live in an environment that offers year-round outdoor activities. Whether heading to the beach, dining outdoors, or swimming laps in the pool, Naples, FL, provides the perfect space for fresh-air activity followed by rest and relaxation. 

For this reason and more, one of our clients’ favorite additions is outdoor landscape lighting. In the hands of experienced integrators and designers, your outdoor area becomes an enchanting retreat, an oasis where friends and family gather long into the evenings.

Let’s explore the many aspects of an integrated outdoor lighting design that brings beauty, elegance, safety, and fun.

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Beauty by Design

At CITE Solutions, we partner with industry leaders in lighting and smart home automation. In outdoor lighting, one of our favorite brands is Coastal Source. Their lighting fixtures are made entirely of brass and specifically designed to withstand the salt air and intense rainstorms of coastal conditions.

Coastal Source’s incredible variety of fixtures enables us to install lighting for varying purposes. For example, bullet lights are ideal for highlighting architectural features, favorite palms, and other plants. FLEX Niche fixtures disappear into your landscape while delivering focused lighting for statuaries and other focal points. Wash lights softly illuminate shrubberies and large hedges, while tree lights create a downlighting effect that resembles the moon’s light.  

Scenes for Varying Moods

Our outdoor spaces are used for various activities, from pool parties and backyard barbecues to dining outside under the stars and relaxing beneath a full moon. Today’s LED lighting provides a tremendous range of colors from one light source. When it’s party time, you can light your backyard with cool and contemporary colors and include Coastal Source’s LED Tiki Torches. When it’s a night of relaxation, tap a button to choose warm and peaceful colors.

When integrated into your home automation system, one tap on a touchscreen, remote, or in-wall keypad can set the mood by controlling multiple systems at once. For example, press the “outdoor dining” button, and your patio lights illuminate to the color of soft golden candlelight, the outdoor gas firepit ignites, and your dining playlist streams through outdoor speakers resembling landscape lights.

Safety and Security

When creating a design plan, we always consider your friend’s and family’s safety. We’ll go over numerous options in path lighting, including some with motion sensors that illuminate as you’re walking. Step and nose lights provide beautiful and safe lighting for stairs and columns. 

For those who live on the water, pile caps offer a stunning light source for docks while maintaining safety, and Fish Attracting lights in white, green, or blue create a dazzling underwater glow in ponds or water features. Beautiful exterior lighting also boosts curb appeal, making a visually impactful statement while providing illumination that deters those with ill intent.

At CITE Solutions, we customize your outdoor lighting, creating a unique setting for every occasion while highlighting your home’s best features. To learn more about outdoor landscape lighting or to schedule a complimentary consultation, call CITE Solutions today at 239-844-CITE.