Discover the advanced outdoor audio solutions that open up your summertime entertaining possibilities. 

Outdoor speakers are essential to your Naples, FL, home, especially when spending more time outside as the weather heats up and Floridians leave the air-conditioning and head for their pools. We’re lucky enough to experience relatively nice weather all year, but there’s no doubt that time spent in the backyard increases in the spring and early summer. 

If you’re ready to discover what audio can do for you, keep reading to learn more about CITE Solutions and how we can elevate your deck or patio space with clear, crisp audio solutions!

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The Advantages of Outdoor Audio

Outdoor speakers offer a lively and festive atmosphere for summer gatherings, adding music and energy to any event. They can help set the tone for a fun and memorable experience. 

More Time Outdoors

Your outdoor audio will allow you to take advantage of the open space and fresh air, which is typically more desirable when better weather rolls around. With outdoor speakers, you can take the party outside and enjoy your music while lounging in the sun, grilling, enjoying snacks next to the pool, or doing yard work. Also, the kids will be happy to get off electronics and head outdoors, as they can take their favorite music and podcasts with them!

Sound Quality

An outdoor speaker system is designed to offer a high-quality sound that can fill a large, open space. It can withstand the elements while delivering powerful, clear sounds that everyone outside can hear perfectly, regardless of the weather. 


With the help of wireless outdoor speakers, you can easily control your music from your smartphone or any other device. You can quickly adjust the volume of the entertainment without leaving your guests or interrupting the party. Everything you need to control your outdoor speakers is right at your fingertips!

The Best Brands and Expert Installation

We use only the best AV and smart home brands to install outdoor speaker systems at CITE Solutions. While we offer our clients a wide range of options, we’ll highlight a couple of possibilities here. 


AudioControl offers a line of outdoor speakers called the B.L.U.E. Series, which includes satellite speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers. The B.L.U.E. Series provides high-quality sound in outdoor environments and hardily withstands the elements. AudioControl delivers different models with different sizes, shapes, and features to fit the needs of your landscaping and outdoor space.

Coastal Source 

Coastal Source is another brand we work with that presents a range of outdoor speakers, including in-ground speakers, rock speakers, and subwoofers. These incredible products blend seamlessly into outdoor environments with unbeatable sound. Coastal Source boasts marine-grade speakers, perfect for outdoor environments exposed to saltwater and other harsh conditions. Sound familiar?

Elevate Your Outdoor Space

The perfect outdoor speaker system relies heavily on your personal preferences, budget, and the specific needs of your exterior space. The CITE Solutions team will consult the various brands and models with you and work toward the best possible choice to elevate your outdoor space. Fill out our contact form today!