Make Your Home Work for Your Lifestyle with an Audio Video Installation

The entertainment industry has changed dramatically over the last few years, with nationwide closures and an uptick in what’s available via streaming TV and movie platforms. What used to require a drive across town and a visit to a local cineplex in the North Naples area now only needs a homeowner to press “Play” from the comfort of their home. Beyond visual entertainment, homeowners also have a variety of ways to enjoy music as well, thanks to streaming radio stations, podcasts, and audiobooks gaining popularity.

With the shift in how homeowners like to spend their time at home, opting for the convenience of high-performance entertainment without ever leaving the house, audio video installations for new and upgraded systems have become commonplace. Keep reading below to find out how you can outfit your Florida property for an entertainment overhaul featuring all of the latest luxuries.

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Stunning Video Display Options

Stunning video quality is one of the most exciting components of having a custom home theater or media room. Lifelike, crisp, larger-than-life images place you in the middle of scenes that a director carefully crafted for the viewer. CITE Solutions creates stunning entertainment spaces using a wide array of brands, such as Sony, for high-performance 4K laser projectors and large-screen TVs that bring movie magic to your space!

Streaming Content

Streaming companies like Netflix and Apple TV+ are beginning to invest heavily in their TV and film budgets. Homeowners can now have everything at their fingertips with a professional audio video installation from CITE Solutions. Imagine having one smart remote that can control everything in your entertainment space or throughout your home. Queue up the latest episode of the Emmy-winner Succession on HBO Max, then watch the latest movie release on your Kaleidescape movie server. 

Once you’re done in your home theater, head to another room and listen to a podcast episode or a Spotify station over in-ceiling speakers expertly placed throughout your home. The same audio video system that controls one room’s musical selection can control the audio in every room of your home – all you need to do is tap and swipe on an intuitive tablet or smartphone app.

Voice Control

So far in this blog, we’ve mentioned audio video options you can install that make your home entertainment more enjoyable. Now, let’s discuss how you can make your home truly work for you without requiring you to lift a finger!

With voice control, your smart home can respond to your needs hands-free. Josh is a newer voice assistant on the market that’s truly giving Alexa, Siri, and Google a run for their money thanks to the company’s adherence to strict privacy parameters meant to protect your personal data from third-party marketing companies looking to make a buck off of your habits. With your user data secured, you can enjoy natural language processing and AI intelligent enough to intuit which room you’re speaking in and which devices you mean to operate. 

For example, as you and your friends are geared up and ready to watch the big game, say, “Okay, Josh, I want to watch football” while standing in the home theater. Suddenly, the lights dim and the shades lower to the perfect setting for comfortable, glare-free viewing; the projector fires up to your preferred sports channel, and you’re ready to start rooting for your favorite sports teams! is intelligent enough to understand that you were standing in the entertainment area when you made your request, not the living room or game room.


If you’re ready to customize your home with a smart audio video installation that makes life easier with access to all the best entertainment, call the CITE Solutions office at 239-844-CITE!