Hurricane season is here!

At CITE Solutions we have a list of  our own things to do before the storm. On top of the priorities list is technology! Below I have put together some hurricane advice to assist in protecting your residence or business’s wired components from disaster.

Document Everything

First up in your residence or business will be the variety of technologies located there. It is best practice to ensure all devices are documented properly for insurance purposes.

Go into this hurricane season with peace of mind when you take inventory of all your assests including your automated technologies. You will need to have each electronic device’s model and serial number clearly written down or photographed along with the location they occupy.

Pro-Tip: Record Video & Save Photos to the Cloud

Prepare to be Without Power

Next, if you are not already in the habit of losing power intermittently during southwest Florida’s afternoon storms, then you may not be prepared to lose it during a hurricane or other natural disaster.

We suggest for you to include a uninterruptible power supply to your home automation gear. A UPS or battery backup provides temporary power source during these losses. It can offer protection against electrical disruption giving you the time to properly shut down devices and save any crucial work in progress. ‍It is better for continuation of services by planning for a utility failure.  Have one of our expert technicians at CITE Solutions confirm your UPS is properly configured and the right size for the equipment it is intended to protect. 

Pro-Tip: Set up an Auto-Shutdown on Devices

Protect Devices from Natural Disaster

After documenting what technology you have now it’s time to protect them. Televisions, hardware, computers, printers and other related equipment are a vital part of your everyday life and should be treated as such.

Move items away from windows and other vulnerable areas to wind and rain. If available, a closet or windowless room, where they can be placed off the floor and elevated to around four feet high. Electronic devices should NEVER be placed on the floor in case of a rising water event. 

Pro-Tip: Use Dry Bags to Wrap Electronics, do NOT Cover Equipment Still Plugged in &/or Powered On

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Disaster and Damage 

Lastly, when it is safe for you to go around your residence or business after the disaster, take note of the conditions of your technology devices. If it is visibly damaged or appears to be wet, DO NOT plug it in or attempt to turn it on. Document the state of the equipment and take notes on what and where there is damage.  

Pro-Tip: Hire an Expert

Don’t feel 100% confident that you are ready to weather a storm before or after ?

Contact us today to discuss how CITE Solutions can help you address storm-related technology concerns.

Prepare for Hurricane with Technology Infographic