Experience One-Touch and Automated Management of Your Window Coverings

The window coverings in your home perform many functions. They enhance your home’s beauty and contribute to the overall aesthetics; protect your fine art, furniture, and floors from fading and deterioration caused by the sun’s direct rays; help keep areas cooler; and offer privacy. 

We ask a lot of our window treatments. We could, however, ask much more. Manual window coverings tend to stay in the same position throughout the day due to the inconvenience of repeatedly adjusting them. On the other hand, automatic window blinds and motorized shades offer effortless control of daylight and privacy. Let’s explore their latest features and how they benefit homeowners in Naples, FL. 

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Incredible Beauty

Lutron offers numerous other styles of motorized window coverings that come in hundreds of decorator and custom fabrics, from elegant draperies to roller shades, roman shades, horizontal sheer blinds, and more. Lutron’s motorized honeycomb cellular shades are popular in sunny Florida as they provide a layer of insulation, trapping solar heat and reducing energy usage. 

These shades can also be programmed to automatically raise and lower based on the level of direct sunlight and temperature. If you want to retain the beautiful view of your landscape lighting, ask us to program the shades facing your backyard to remain open when evening descends. 

Effortless Control

In addition to one-touch control using elegant in-wall keypads, remotes, and touchscreens, automatic window blinds control daylight for you. At CITE Solutions, we partner with Lutron, an industry leader in smart lighting and daylight control. In 2020, they released smart wooden blinds that automatically adjust throughout the day, letting in the perfect amount of sunlight. 

The blinds’ natural light optimization feature automatically tilts them based on the location and orientation of your home. In the morning, the blinds facing east tilt to minimize the direct sun’s rays, while all the other blinds maximize the natural light. As the sun traverses the sky, they adjust to Fade Fighter mode, protecting your interior from harmful UV rays by diffusing direct sunlight. At the end of the day, they close, allowing for complete privacy. 

There’s no more getting up when the sun’s glare disrupts your TV viewing or computer screen. Now, your automatic window blinds do it for you. Handcrafted from North American basswood, they come in several natural and painted finishes with custom color-matching finishes available, allowing them to highlight and align with any home’s design.


Are you ready to experience the ease of living smart window coverings and home automation brings? To learn more about automatic window blinds and shades or to schedule a complimentary consultation, call the CITE Solutions office at 239-844-CITE.