Choose Coastal Source Speakers For Your Next Outdoor Party

Make your next backyard barbeque, formal gathering, or neighborhood social a more exciting or glamorous event with an outdoor audio system. Whether adding a layer of depth with a holiday playlist, background music,  or pumping up the fun as the DJ masters their latest set, an outdoor audio system is an easy and enjoyable way to engage attendees in outdoor fun.

However, not just any outdoor audio system will do. If you are looking for function, reliability, and balanced sound in an outdoor venue, look no further than Coastal Source speakers. Coastal Source has been delivering extraordinary sound optimized for the outdoors for years. In addition, they make speakers tough to withstand the elements of nature, including water, ultraviolet, and thermal damage.

Continue reading to learn how Coastal Source speakers can add dimension to any outdoor event in your Naples, FL, backyard.

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High-Quality Sound at Any Volume

Coastal Source speakers produce high-quality, balanced sound at any volume. However, outdoor audio can be a challenge to get just right, as it also competes with the natural sounds around you – whether it be the neighbors, traffic, or a nearby lawn mower. In addition, your outdoor audio system should be able to adjust to outside noise and still produce the same high-quality output.

With Coastal Source, it doesn’t matter if you’re playing calming background music or listening to the big game – the sound will be high-quality in any situation. And, with the unique design of Coastal’s speakers, they can be positioned to distribute sound directionally, ensuring that your loud music doesn’t rattle the entire neighborhood.

Choices For Style and Placement

With Coastal’s wide selection of speakers in various sizes and styles, you can choose the speakers that will best fit your home and outdoor entertainment needs. There are options for installation above ground or burying them inside landscaping. You can also space them around your yard and create a surround-sound experience. No matter how you use them, the sound dramatically affects any outdoor event.

Integration Options

Coastal Source speakers can integrate with your home audio system. By connecting your indoor and outdoor audio systems, you’ll be able to control them all with smart home control. For example, with one combined remote or app, you can play the same audio indoors and outdoors or control the volume of both to ensure they are distinct.

Integrating your outdoor audio system into a smart home control has many benefits. For instance, you can program audio into a smart home theme that integrates outdoor lighting to set the perfect ambiance for an evening outdoor event. Or, you can schedule the audio to turn off at  a specific time of night to ensure the neighborhood will be safe from noise at a reasonable nighttime hour.

The audio installation team at CITE Solutions would love to help you select the perfect components for your outdoor audio system in Naples, FL. Please call our office for more information about the products and services available.