Smart Lighting Sets the Mood for Every Occasion

Outdoor spaces have become extensions of our homes, places where we spend as much time, if not more, entertaining, relaxing, and even working. Many of our clients in Naples, FL, want the ultimate entertainment, incorporating the latest outdoor TVs and immersive audio. Thanks to today’s technology, we can integrate these outdoor media centers on the patio or poolside where friends and family relax while watching a movie under the stars or rooting for their favorite team. 

Others want to create a quiet retreat designed for peaceful al fresco dining, secluded spots where they read their favorite books, and meditation gardens. Whichever your preferred setting, the one item that benefits both types of outdoor living is smart patio lighting.

Let’s explore the many features of today’s automated outdoor lighting and how you can create a stunning setting to enjoy long into the night.

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Creating Enchanting Outdoor Living Areas

External living spaces, like outdoor patios and dining areas, become enchanting retreats when enhanced with today’s outdoor LED lighting. Like indoors, lighting design that includes layers of ambient, task, and accent lighting ensures beautiful and effective illumination that sets the desired mood and tone.

Some popular design trends include patio lighting reminiscent of French cafes, Zen gardens, or sports bars. Subtle, intimate lighting encourages relaxation and conversation. LED linear lighting creates illumination from an unseen source and can be changed to every color imaginable with one touch. 

In-ground and recessed lights provide discrete, soft washes of light, while suitable pendant, lantern, wall, and string lights create the desired aesthetics. In addition, fire features and underwater pond lights bring a touch of inspiration and a captivating glow.

Living walls are also a growing patio trend involving lush plantings, trailing plants, and automated water features. Adding the right lighting creates a stunning, luminescent, exoticjungle-like backdrop. Incorporate under-seating lighting for a warm ambiance and step lights for safety, and you have a charming patio to enjoy any time of day or night.

Setting Lights to Automated Scenes

Smart lighting enables one-touch or voice control no matter where you are while automated schedules manage your lighting for you. For example, do you want your landscape and patio lights to illuminate when you pull into the driveway at night? Would you like certain outdoor lights to brighten automatically 30 minutes before sunset? 

Did you forget to turn off the patio and pool lights before bed? Tap the bedside touchscreen, and every light turns off, except your security lighting. Today, smart lighting control offers nearly limitless one-touch and programmed options.

We can also set up different scenes for outdoor parties, dining, relaxing, reading, and movie nights. These scenes manage your lighting, fire pit, pool, spa, and entertainment with one touch. We can even program different settings for various holidays and special occasions, such as the Fourth of July and birthdays. 

At CITE Solutions, we specialize in home automation and lighting that enhances your everyday activities. To learn more about the nearly limitless options in innovative landscape and patio lighting or to schedule a complimentary consultation, call CITE Solutions today at 239-844-CITE.