Intuitive Voice Control Provides a Seamless Home Experience

Smart home technology is meant to make your home life easier and more luxurious by providing easy-to-control solutions. Typically, these solutions have multiple points of control, such as an app, home automation dashboard, wall pads, and remotes. While these technologies are great, it still doesn’t provide a hands-free way to manage your home. If you need to adjust something, you still have to find your phone, remote, or other devices. 

Meet, a revolutionary voice assistant that allows you to control your entire home with the sound of your voice. takes voice control to another level by providing an interface so intuitive that anyone can use it. Keep reading to learn more about and how it can elevate your lifestyle in your home in Naples, FL.

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Streamlined Control

All of those controllers, apps, and other points of control for your smart home devices can become overwhelming and a little messy. is the solution. All the technology in your home can be integrated into so that it can control every device in your home. All you need to do is say the word, literally. Whether your hands are full or you just don’t want to go find your phone, Josh is there to adjust your home how you need.

Intuitive Interface

Some voice assistants are better than others. And if you’ve used other voice assistants before, you probably know how frustrating it is to hear, “I’m having trouble understanding you.” That’s why Josh was designed to be spoken to like a friend, not a device. The AI technology that powers lets it understand what you’re saying, even when speaking casually. Don’t change the way you speak— will understand you.

Adaptive to Your Routine and Preferences does more than respond to your voice—it will slowly adapt to your routine and preferences. For example, if you ask to open your motorized shades every morning and play your Wake Up playlist, eventually, Josh will do so without being asked.’s goal is to create a luxurious, stress-free home, and it does this by adapting to your routine so that your smart home tech is always adjusted how you like throughout the day. Spend less time controlling your technology and more time relaxing and hanging out with your family.

Do you want to simplify home control in your Naples, FL, home with an intuitive voice assistant? Contact CITE Solutions’ office at (239) 844-CITE(2483) today! We are proud dealers and can install it into your home so you can experience the luxury that voice control provides.