Enjoy a Luxurious Lifestyle with a Professional Home Automation Installation

In the right hands, home automation offers incredible ease of living. It’s personalized and tailored for you and your family’s lifestyle, bringing convenience, enjoyment, and the best entertainment on the market. 

At CITE Solutions, we specialize in designing smart homes tailored to your exact needs, wishes, and dreams. For some, that means lighting that transforms to every color of the rainbow, TVs that display nine video sources at a time, and an outdoor area with the ultimate entertainment setup, including tiki lights around the pool and high-fidelity landscape speakers that fill the air with incredible sound. 

For others, it’s the latest home office video conferencing solutions, a home theater that rivals the Silverspot Cinema, and scenes that manage the lighting, motorized window coverings, and climate for every occasion. As you can see, it’s the personalization that genuinely makes a home smart. 

Let’s explore how we get there and how our home automation installation services create the ultimate in smart home living.

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Assess Your Home’s Environment

Before we make recommendations, we’ll assess your home’s design, layout, and architectural features. Together, we’ll explore the almost limitless possibilities in home automation and the features that would make the greatest difference in your life. We know not everyone needs or wants all the bells and whistles. 

Some people simply want the convenience of shades that rise and lower with one touch or voice command, lights that dim or brighten, and the ability to check in on their family via touchscreens in every room. They also appreciate the remote capabilities that let them manage their home via a mobile device no matter where they are in the world. 

We’ll strategically install sensors that ensure your shades lower when direct sunlight starts overheating your home, and your lights turn off when everyone leaves a room. When you and your family are away, we’ll program an “Away” button that automatically turns your lights on and off throughout the day and raises and lowers your shades, creating the illusion that the home is occupied and offering you peace of mind.

The Ultimate in Entertainment

From whole-home audio and video to home theaters, media rooms, and outdoor entertainment, the choices expand every year. For instance, a whole-home AV system brings 4K ultra-high definition to every TV and the immersive sound field through in-ceiling speakers. You can access over 40 streaming music services and all your AV devices from one user-friendly interface. Simply select the source and the room or the entire home. 

Home automation offers incredible comfort and convenience, operating your lights, shades, climate, and entertainment with one tap on a touchscreen, remote, or keypad. Today, the options are truly limitless.

At CITE Solutions, we’re passionate about sharing the latest technology and ensuring user-friendly smart home solutions that enhance your home’s design and align with your preferences. Are you ready to elevate your daily life, bringing greater joy, comfort, and convenience? To learn more about home automation or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact CITE Solutions and call our office at (239) 844-CITE.