Let Your Voice Manage Your Smart Home with Josh.AI

Today’s home automation offers an incredible lifestyle once unimagined. Tap an icon on a touchscreen or press a button on an in-wall keypad, and your lights, shades, climate, and entertainment respond instantly. It’s a life of luxury that’s difficult to appreciate until experienced firsthand. 

But it gets even better. 

In 2016, Josh.ai made its way to smart homes, making it easier than ever to manage your home. This voice control system is designed for smart homes, creating a seamless, clutter-free, and clean management system. 

Let’s explore how Josh.ai is transforming homes in Bonita Bay.

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The Beauty of a Voice Control System

Imagine walking into your home at the end of a long day and saying, “Josh, it’s time to relax.” Immediately, your lights transform to the soft amber glow of sunset, your ‘Relax & Unwind’ playlist streams through your home and outdoor areas, and your spa heats. 

In addition to effortless living, you enjoy a clutter-free and clean environment. No searching for remotes, tapping touch screens, or flipping switches—just your voice making commands and your home responding. 

The Unique Features of Josh.ai

Unlike any other voice assistant, Josh.ai was made for smart homes. So when you say lower the shades 50%, turn on Blacklist, and set the lights to sepia, it knows what you mean. Josh understands that you’re in the living room, your show is on Netflix, and sepia is a warm, reddish-brown color. In fact, it knows every color in the visible light spectrum—every shade imaginable that’s now available with dynamic LED lighting. 

Because Josh understands natural language, you can speak to him like you do a friend. You don’t need to talk robotically, and he understands more complex commands. In fact, the “ai” in Josh.ai stands for Artificial Intelligence. Josh learns as he responds to your requests, setting the perfect environment in advance. Do you usually lower the shades on hot afternoons? Josh learns your preferences, which means the more you interact, the smarter your home becomes. 

Ask Josh to dim the lights 30% and play 80s music, and he adjusts the lights and entertainment in whatever room you’re in. Do you want to start the fireplace? Simply ask. Your wish is his command.

The Ultimate in Privacy

Privacy is Josh’s number one concern. Your data will never be sold or used to target advertisements. You can even choose what you want it to remember. The “conversation mode” turns off Josh’s ability to listen. Flip a switch on the Nano device, and it disconnects from the microphone. Double-tap the Micro device, and it mutes. 

The founders of Josh.ai are so committed to protecting your privacy that your voice commands are stored locally instead of on a cloud. This ensures they’re not finding their way to the internet.

At CITE Solutions, we create customized home automation systems designed for your unique lifestyle and activities. Are you ready to go hands-free in your smart home and experience the incredible ease of living Josh.ai brings? To learn more about the latest voice control system or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact CITE Solutions and call our office at (239) 844-CITE.