Using Motorized Shades from Morning to Night 

Most people don’t have time to raise and lower their window shades multiple times a day—especially on large or out-of-reach windows. But managing natural light in your home provides very real benefits, like improving your mood and protecting artwork from fading. 

Lutron shades are smart enough to follow a schedule and commands, so window coverings are always open or closed when you want them to be. 

Below, we’ll share what you can expect daily with Lutron motorized shades in your Bonita Bay, FL home.

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Wake Up with the Sun 

Is there anything more irritating than starting your day with an alarm clock? Imagine your window shades rising automatically and waking you naturally as sunlight streams into the room. 

Confidently Leave the House  

If you’re heading out, tap a button on the wall or the Lutron app to lower shades across the whole house. And if you’re worried about home security, schedule your shades to activate throughout the day, making it look like someone is always home. Shades can also lower to protect photographs, artwork, and furniture from fading in UV light. 

Perfect Home Office Lighting 

Working at home? Natural sunlight is the best mind-booster, so tap your wall keypad or app to raise your Lutron shades or open the drapes. If there’s a glare beaming across your computer, you can just as quickly lower the shades.  

Movie Ready in the Home Theater 

Projector systems appear washed out if there’s any ambient light. Create total darkness in the home theater by telling your Lutron shades to lower when you hit play. 

Quick Wardrobe Change 

If you’re putting on a new outfit, prevent your neighbors from catching a glimpse with a quick voice command or press of a button. In seconds, your windows will be covered and private. 

Ready for Bed 

Grant your entire house privacy for bedtime through one command. Press “Goodnight” on your Lutron app or wall keypad, and all your motorized shades will close for the evening. 

If you’re interested in Lutron motorized shades for your Florida home, call CITE Solutions at (239) 844-CITE to get started today.