Embrace the Aesthetic and Practical Advantages of Smart Lighting

It can be difficult to create a well-balanced lighting design that properly illuminates your home. Many homes’ lighting is made up of wall and ceiling fixtures, as well as floor and table lamps. This can make it hard to manage since some switches control lights, others trigger outlets, and some lamps will need to be controlled with their own switches. That’s why many homeowners add a light control system to make managing their home’s lights easier. Keep reading to see how a lighting control system can benefit your Naples, FL, home.

1. Less Clutter and More Control

Are you tired of your walls being littered with light switches? With a smart lighting system like Lutron, you can replace light switches with elegant on-wall keypads. Through these keypads, you can control all the lights in the room, dim fixtures, and even pull up saved settings.

Homeowners can also integrate their Lutron lighting system into a home automation system. That way, you can control your lights on the same dashboard used to lock your front doors, open and close your blinds, and set your home temperature. Even time your lights to turn on and off exactly when you need them without lifting a finger.

2. Dimming & Color Temperature 

Lights with just one setting don’t always provide the proper lighting throughout the day. The light in your home affects your mood, so you may want to adjust throughout the day. For example, maybe you want a bright, white light in the morning to increase productivity and warm, dim light in the evening to help you relax. 

With Lutron, lighting control goes beyond the on-off switch by allowing you to dim lights and also adjust their color temperature. Set just the right intensity for any activity and choose from a wide range of hues through Lutron’s tunable lighting solutions. The result is the perfect lighting every time. 

3. Set the Scene

Different events call for different lighting— for example, a candlelight glow for a romantic dinner and bright, white light for mid-day work from home. However you like your lights, it’s easy to save the presets into custom scenes to quickly recall them later. Then access them through your on-wall keypads, an app, or even voice commands. This makes it easier than ever to customize your lights exactly how you like.


Do you want total and easy control over your Naples, FL, home? Then you need a Lutron light control system! Cite Solutions has experience helping homeowners find the right smart solution that fits their homes and can help you with your installation. Contact Cite Solutions today to learn more!